What is Hybris Labs?


“I don’t have a method. All I do is read a lot, think a lot, and rewrite constantly. It’s not a scientific thing.” – Gabriel García

It’s a look behind the curtain of SAP Hybris R&D, a sneak peak at some of the more experimental stuff we’re working on. The Hybris Labs team researches and develops innovative ways of combining technological novelties with common retail scenarios to create an exciting and unique shopping experience. Things that could end up in the product at some point, but start off as representations of the more exploratory work taking place at SAP Hybris.

By collaborating with customers and partners we hope to receive plenty of feedback and constructive criticism that will help us to improve our ideas, so they can at some stage become a part of the product.

Being highly experimental, the Hybris Labs prototypes aren’t classically supported, documented and tested software, but that doesn’t mean they’re buggy or written in an unreadable code. The Hybris Labs team will provide as much guidance as possible.

What’s next on the Hybris Labs roadmap?

Right now we’re fascinated by both Augmented and Virtual Reality and the opportunities it delivers to the world of commerce. Hybris Labs will explore methods to extract the benefits of these still very young technologies.


If you have ideas, feedback or criticism please to don’t hesitate to contact Hybris Labs at labs@hybris.com. Any kind of input is very welcome!