SAP Executive Keynote (Wine Shelf)

Just to clarify this right from the start: You are not reading ANOTHER article about the Smart Wine Shelf here! This is a post about the Keynote held by Bernd Leukert (Member of the Executive Board of SAP SE Products & Innovation) at SAP TechED last week, that just by pure chance happens to include some wine-shelfish content.

If this were an article focusing on the Smart Wine Shelf we’d probably emphasize that for the first time we did a demo around CEC (customer engagement and commerce), and that the shelf was integrated with the hybris platform this time. And of course we would thank Rupert O’Halloran ans Dariusz Malachowski for helping us to make it happen. We would also point out that if you started watching this video at 1h 14min 25sec, you’d jump to the bit about the Wine Shelf.

But this isn’t, so we’re not…

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Infotainment: Surprise

Well you’ve had to wait for this for quite a while but here it finally is! Every big blockbuster has it, an extra audio track commenting on the action in the movie. Usually it’s directors and actors talking allegedly interesting gibberish. But in our case it’s Christian and Sven giving you some interesting background to the Surprise video from a technological perspective. Worth watching! Find out about our reason for doing this here.



Video: Surprise

You’re planning the perfect evening. A lovely dinner for two, cooked by yourself. That’s always a good way to impress someone special. Stimulating those taste buds with the meal you’ve prepared and the harmoniously matching wine you’ve chosen. Candles, music…it doesn’t get more romantic than that. Or does it? Wait for the surprise…


Video: Breaking New Ground

Time to get our hands dirty! hybris Labs isn’t just about building innovative prototypes that are designed to enhance the in-store shopping experience for consumers. We also think about how to improve B2B processes.

In B2B, time is of the essence. And when products are needed, but have to be reordered to keep things going, time is actually money. We thought of a way to minimise the factor time by simplifying the entire equation.

The first step is to set up a geo-fence, to define a list of the products in use. This will reduce the time needed for an on-site worker to find the right product, or might even exclude items that are not meant to be ordered from a specific location. Next, an ultrasound signal has to be assigned to each of these products. A determined ultrasound library recognises these signals, and adds the required items to a picklist. The order can now be placed and only needs approval from a supervisor or manager. Customer service will automatically be requested, just in case any kind of problems should occur. In addition to that, we’ve integrated conference call features and  push notifications for certain procedures.

This looks cooler than it might sound, so see for yourselves! hybris Labs, moving mountains…