Don’t touch this!

Moving objects with the power of your thoughts… No, we haven’t mastered telekinesis yet, but we’re getting close. Our In-Store Display senses when you’re there, knows who you are and reacts to you hand movement. Spooky! Actually… it’s fairly simple.

We use a distance sensor to detect the presence of a potential user. A Beacon recognises if this user is logged onto Facebook. And at the heart of this prototype a Leap Motion Controller enables the gesture-based input.

Put into action, a customer can browse through a store’s entire assortment with simple finger movements. This is a playful way to let customers retrieve product information and the location of the desired product within the store.

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Coupon Boxes – small, simple & orange

We’ve had them for a while and have been demoing them regularly at events, but never got round to present them here. That’s not really fair though. Okay, they’re probably not as controversial as Google Glass and not as magical as Stream… but they’re orange, they flash (a bit) and we like ‘em.

Right, let’s be a bit more serious. Our Coupon Boxes are a great way of handing out vouchers to customers. They can be placed basically anywhere. The customer just needs to tap the box with his phone to receive the coupon, a signed URL, which is transmitted via NFC. Adopting the coupon to gender is also possible, if a facebook profile is detected.

So where’s the extra benefit in handing out vouchers this way? Well, for a start it can be interesting to know where a coupon was picked up. Taking a more active approach, Coupon boxes can be used to guide customers to specific places, adding an element of gamification to the shopping experience.

Again, both sides can profit: customers receive a voucher, retailers gain a bit of information and everybody’s happy.


The Wine Shelf – What’s it all about?

Imagine you go into a supermarket to buy a bottle of wine. But the variety of choice is so big, you don’t know which sort to pick. What do you do? Go for the bottle with the nicest label? Ask a shop assistant (who will then probably apply the same method and recommend the bottle with the nicest label)? Buy some beer instead?

There just might be a better solution in future. We’ve created an app that helps you to define your taste in wine. All you have to do is answer five questions to both red and white wine. You then send the completed “Wine Wizard” test to our Smart Wine Shelf, which will let those bottles light up that match with your preferences.

But this is just the first step. If you now lift a bottle, the shelf will display more information on that specific wine. It will also tell you how well it matches your taste and on which criteria it has based its recommendation.

At the same time another story is developing behind the scenes. Any interaction with the Wine Shelf produces data, that can be used for market research. This is our idea of using IoT to combine customer experience and analytics. By doing so, hopefully in the end: everybody’s happy.