They grow up so fast…

…prototypes…one day you’re permanently checking the wiring and connections, and the next day they send you a postcard from the other side of the Atlantic.


(Adrian Missemer & Bahaa Badran)

No, not Adrian and Bahaa! Our Changing Room! But of course, to know that our colleagues in Canada would take good care of our baby was very comforting for us. Thanks guys!

If you’ve been following our work, you might have heard that we often were confronted with the ‘problem’ of being requested to attend at more events than we could possibly cover with our small team. (Boo-hoo-hoo! Everybody thinks our stuff is cool and worth showing, how annoying!…) Okay, our team has grown lately, but it still is difficult to make everybody happy (Not quite in line with our slogan there…). Just to clarify, it’s not always the lack manpower that is the problem. Sometimes the logistics can become a little complicated too. But without a question, receiving good support from local offices near the event location will vastly increase the likelihood of showing hybris labs prototypes at those events.

With some prototypes this will be easier than with others. But please take a look at the photo below. You can show the changing room without having to build an actual cabin! It works perfectly like that!


We are not alone…

Big support from overseas!

The hybris Montreal Tinker Team has joined forces with hybris labs and product manager Sebastian Mahr to create the Smart Wine Shelf powered by hybris and Customer Data Management. This new iteration of the hybris labs project connects the existing hardware to an actual hybris implementation, making it “hybris ready” using the upcoming Customer Data Management (CDM) module. This solution will allow for highly relevant product and cross-sell suggestions with a single view of the customer, collecting data from multiple sources: user questionnaires, activity on the wine shelf, and the user’s previous purchase and activity history.


The Montreal Tinker Team is composed of developers, QA specialists, and architects from Professional Services, Project Delivery N-A. They implemented a hybris-based solution, built a prototype wine shelf board for realistic end-to-end testing, and designed an API for implementation in the CDM. With the help of Sebastian in Munich they were able to design and implement a mock CDM implementation and continue development while providing valuable feedback on the intended use and behavior of the CDM module.

questionnaire 1

product page - white 1

Initial testing of the hybris solution versus a real working CDM has begun between the two offices. A couple of “war room” sessions have allowed for useful testing and debugging of the platform, and some new features were live-coded to ensure that a working solution will be available for demonstration. Through this testing the CDM generated some exciting graphs of user data and their journeys.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 6.09.38 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 8.03.44 PM

Technologically, the project is an exciting mix of technology:

  • hybris platform with websockets (using Atmosphere)
  • Arduino hardware interface
  • nodejs client on Raspberry PI
  • responsive user interface
  • CDM and the “Unified Customer Repository”




An initial version of the solution was presented at the hybris Global Customer Days & Partner Summit in Munich on February 9th-13th, 2015. This was an exciting opportunity to see the working wine shelf and meet with members of hybris labs, plus members of the CDM and Tinker teams, to learn more about how it all works together.

Article by Benjamin Bignell