How to build a Galaxy…

For the first time in history, the SAP Hybris Global Summit took place outside of Munich. This year’s SAP Hybris LIVE: Global Summit and its move to Barcelona also marked the 20th anniversary of the company’s founding. To match this occasion, and upon special request, Hybris Labs engaged in it’s biggest ever project. By combining elements from two of our latest prototypes, Signal and Expose, and integrating them with the event’s infrastructure, we created The Galaxy. Continue reading

SAP Hybris Summit Japan 2016

It was the first SAP Hybris Summit Japan and Hybris Labs was a part of it. More than a year ago our Japanese colleagues had already built a mini version of the Smart Wine Shelf all by themselves. And what can you say, flashing wine bottles are still an eye catcher!


But for this special occasion we were invited to show a more recent Hybris Labs invention. Since the SAP Hybris customer Hansgrohe was also in Tokyo to give a keynote, Infinite Cart was the perfect match. For those of you who weren’t aware of this yet, Hansgrohe allows us to use their products for the demo. That helps us immensely to bring our prototype to life and adds some charm to the display.


The idea behind Infinite Cart seems to be quite appealing to them. Let’s see what happens next…


By the way, Hansgrohe also allowed us to shoot a video in their ‘Aquademie‘. It’ll be published very soon, so keep an eye on our blog!

[y] SUMMIT – recap

The days were long at last week’s hybris Global Customer Days & Partner Summit 2015. And they were busy too! So many of our hybris customers and partners were curious to find out what had been going on in the labs over the past year. On top of that our colleagues from around the world took the opportunity to enjoy some live demonstrations of our latest prototypes. The feedback we got was very positive so it should be fair to say: everybody’s happy.

This year we showed five of our innovations: Augmented Commerce, The Changing Room, Tiles, Oktoberfest of Things, The Smart Wine Shelf, and Funky Retail. As mentioned it was busy, so we were very happy to be supported by the Tinker Team from Montreal. If you have not heard about these guys yet, you should keep following our blog… Judging by the photo, they had a good time here.

Find out more about the Tinker Team joining forces with labs…