Wine Shelf Extravaganza

Not bad. Not bad at all! Just take a look at the photo…

IMG_2685[9] 1

Now this is how you present a Smart Wine Shelf! Cheese, crackers, and a bit of proper booze (not just the soap-mixed dishwater we use to do the demo)! Can you imagine how often people ask us if they get to drink the wine at the end?! Our standard answer being: “We wouldn’t recommend it, unless you would like to take the risk of becoming seriously ill.” AT – EVERY – SINGLE – EVENT! Sometimes bottles even get stolen. If anyone of those, clearly quite desperate, thieves is reading this, let us know how you felt after drinking the (dare I call it?) wine. But please, no photos!

Sorry, that was a bit off topic. You might remember we shipped the readily soldered platforms to Australia. Alan and his team took it from there and came up with this lovely setup for the ‘Online Retailer Conference & eCommerce Expo’ in Sydney. On top of that, they also showed the Changing Room.

IMG_2683[6] 1

Also looks very nice! But a changing cabin with glass walls? Hm…perhaps an Australian thing…

Great work, guys! We love it, thanks!

It was worth it!…

Wine Shelf Mania!

Unbelievable! Another one! This time in Japan. Our colleague Taka built a mini version of the Smart Wine Shelf all by himself, with only minimum support from our side. Very cool!

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 10.51.02

This definitely qualifies him for our ‘Honorary labs Member’ program we’re currently planning. Perhaps an encouragement for others to follow?…

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 10.52.10 Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 10.51.40

Smart Wine Shelf now works upside down

Sorry, but it’s impossible to write a blog post about something in Australia without giving the article a stupid, cliché title. But that’s it for the childishness – promise!

Piecing this information together, you might have guessed that we now have a Wine Shelf in Australia. Well, it’s not quite finished yet, but the important parts are working. Sven took care of the soldering and wiring here in Munich, and sent it to Sydney. Then Kevin and Allan took over. The result looks promising.

image2 image4

The never-ending quest for perfection

After months of hard training and intense practice it’s fair to say we have now finally mastered the art of setting up the portable Smart Wine Shelf. We didn’t actually time it with a watch or something, but judging objectively it took us less than 10 minutes. Probably we did it in under five… in any case, it’s a new world record in the discipline of setting up the hybris labs portable Smart Wine Shelf. ‘Setting up’ does imply that it also works!

IMG_2596 1

But at the ‘SAP-Forum für den Handel’ in Mannheim there wasn’t just the Wine Shelf. There also was a changing room. Our Changing Room, in fact. But it wasn’t us taking care of it. It was run by our SAP colleagues.

IMG_2605 1

It’s really great to see how this is developing. We invent, build, demo, support, and then others take over. That gives us a bit more time to invent, build,…

The hybris labs European Tour – Part 1

This is what happens when we ask Andreas to accompany the Smart Wine on a small tour across Europe:

2015-06-11 15.04.52 1

So, we thought perhaps this Big Brother thing actually isn’t such a bad idea…

2015-06-11 09.13.15 1

In Sopot (Poland), apparently golf is more interesting than wine and flashing lights. Would you believe it?! Maybe not a bad thing for a change. With all the attention it was getting, the wine shelf’s ego was starting to become quite unbearable. Our little star. But judging by the first photo, we should investigate what part Andreas played in this unexpected turn of events.

Anyway, to compensate for this slight disappointment, Andreas took the Smart Wine Shelf to Vienna. There it was treated appropriately and with the necessary respect.

IMG_6888 1

The “Palais Kaun Kinsky”, not a bad location for our partner’s, “SMARTASSISTANT”, guided-selling event, not bad at all!

The hybris labs European Tour – Part 2

The hybris labs European Tour – Part 3

CeBIT presents the solar eclipse

CeBit 2015 – “Fresh Impulses for Digital Business”, innovations everywhere, and in the middle of it our Smart Wine Shelf. A prototype we developed about a year ago… Of course we had some new things with us as well! Funky Retail and Tiles completed our little IoT family. Everything started well on the Monday. Ian Kimbell, SAP’s chief presenter and self-appointed ‘Demo Guy’, showed our Wine Shelf (with physical web beacon) on SAP’s own stage.


But then on Friday, when Sven entered the stage, things looked like this…


…empty spaces, abandoned places… but the show had to go on. Bravely Sven tried to attract more attention by letting the Wine Shelf flash, showing videos of Funky Retail, and even setting up the colourful Tiles demo live on stage, always thinking “Did everyone realise that I don’t really prepare these kind of presentations…?”. To be fair on Sven though, it’s not easy when you’re contending with a solar eclipse… Slightly unlucky timing. So unlucky that even your colleagues turn their backs on you…

share copy

Sven took it with a big smile and now refers to the whole thing as #darkpresentation. And he did get his audience in the end…


Watch the video here!

A new Alliance

San Francisco, USA… and we’re scrubbing labels off of wine bottles in the bathtub again. That’s part of the hybris labs job description by now. Fly half way round the planet, check in at hotel, buy cheap wine, re-label bottles in hotel room.


(Downtown San Francisco, Parc 55 Hotel, Room 1511, bathroom)

This time we did it to show the Smart Wine Shelf at the local SAP d-kom event in San Mateo, Silicon Valley. Furthermore we also presented Tiles. No scrubbing or bathing needed for that prototype, just in case you were wondering….

For this event we formed an alliance with our fellow compatriots from the SAP d-shop in Palo Alto. After we had picked up our badges at the SAP Office in Building 1, we took a walk through the park (yes park, not bad…) to Building 9 and were quite impressed. A proper lab full of people doing nerdy things! Lovely! They had organised a hackathon as a buildup to d-kom and the house was full. Very cool!


(Hackathon at SAP d-shop in Palo Alto)

Next day it was time for business. It turns out there actually are still quite a few people who haven’t heard about our Smart Wine Shelf yet. SAP d-kom being an internal event for developers, we took the opportunity to show the insides. Wires, Arduino, Raspberry PI, boom. It’s really nice to experience the interest in our prototypes, and bathe in positive feedback sometimes.


But  connecting with our friends from SAP d-shop was perhaps the nicest part of the trip. Hopefully we’ll be working on some projects together soon! Great minds think a like, they say (= they seem to be similarly mad to us).


(from left to right: Nick Wood, Rocky Ongkowidjojo, Max Schrupp)

We are not alone…

Big support from overseas!

The hybris Montreal Tinker Team has joined forces with hybris labs and product manager Sebastian Mahr to create the Smart Wine Shelf powered by hybris and Customer Data Management. This new iteration of the hybris labs project connects the existing hardware to an actual hybris implementation, making it “hybris ready” using the upcoming Customer Data Management (CDM) module. This solution will allow for highly relevant product and cross-sell suggestions with a single view of the customer, collecting data from multiple sources: user questionnaires, activity on the wine shelf, and the user’s previous purchase and activity history.


The Montreal Tinker Team is composed of developers, QA specialists, and architects from Professional Services, Project Delivery N-A. They implemented a hybris-based solution, built a prototype wine shelf board for realistic end-to-end testing, and designed an API for implementation in the CDM. With the help of Sebastian in Munich they were able to design and implement a mock CDM implementation and continue development while providing valuable feedback on the intended use and behavior of the CDM module.

questionnaire 1

product page - white 1

Initial testing of the hybris solution versus a real working CDM has begun between the two offices. A couple of “war room” sessions have allowed for useful testing and debugging of the platform, and some new features were live-coded to ensure that a working solution will be available for demonstration. Through this testing the CDM generated some exciting graphs of user data and their journeys.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 6.09.38 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 8.03.44 PM

Technologically, the project is an exciting mix of technology:

  • hybris platform with websockets (using Atmosphere)
  • Arduino hardware interface
  • nodejs client on Raspberry PI
  • responsive user interface
  • CDM and the “Unified Customer Repository”




An initial version of the solution was presented at the hybris Global Customer Days & Partner Summit in Munich on February 9th-13th, 2015. This was an exciting opportunity to see the working wine shelf and meet with members of hybris labs, plus members of the CDM and Tinker teams, to learn more about how it all works together.

Article by Benjamin Bignell

BIG Show

New York was just the right surrounding for two big premiers. First of all we presented our brand new prototype, The Changing Room. And secondly Bert gave live demos of a prototype at an event. The only thing missing was a red carpet and screaming teenagers.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 10.12.02 AM

The reason why Bert had the pleasure of trading his comfortable coding environment for the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City, was that The Changing Room is basically “his” prototype. “Let him sort that one out”, we thought. And so he did. Everything worked, nothing broke down…neither machine, nor human. We can proudly state that the hybris labs Changing Room was a great success at NRF’s BIG Show 2015. If you don’t believe us, read what others say.

Apart from The Changing Room we also brought an old friend along, The Smart Wine Shelf! Haven’t mentioned it here for quite some time now… good old boy… always reliable, always doing its job, flashing nicely, attracting people, making them happy… awww……… Oh, and with it there on the photo is Sven, doing something…

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 10.50.18 AM