¡Adiós Wine Shelf!

We’re still alive! It’s been a while since our last update and we’ve got quite a lot to catch up on. But don’t worry, we’ll let you relive everything as if it happened yesterday! Just relax, close your eyes, and read…

When our Mexican colleagues asked us to demo the Smart Wine Shelf at the SAP Forum in Mexico City, we were reluctant a first. But then we found out that they would be willing to keep and also maintain it. And after we had already successfully handed over responsibility for the European version to our colleagues in Paris, we saw the opportunity to get rid of… pass on the US version of the wine shelf.

But before we could say goodbye, it was business as usual. Flying around the globe…


Wine shelf in a box…


Wine shelf out of the box…


Wine shelf broken…


Wine shelf fixed… (No, really! It’s supposed to look like that. Honestly!)


Wine bottle re-labeling…


Sexy booth… (That’s actually not business as usual. Very nice, guys!)


Demo time…


And then: ¡Adiós! Here are the keys. Demo carefully!


At the end: Everybody’s happy!


Especially Georg…


The last flashes of wine…

The hybris labs Smart Wine Shelf came to life on May 7th 2014 at the hybris Americas’ Customer Days in Chicago. Nearly one and a half years later we have versions of the Wine Shelf on four different continents. And we didn’t even build all of them ourselves! Would it be fair to say the point has been reached where it can no longer be considered an innovative showcase? Well, at the IT & Business expo in Stuttgart we learnt that our first IoT Prototype still lets people’s faces light up. (Even more so if you give them a bottle of wine after they had to listen to our demo-blabla for ten minutes…)

The Smart Wine Shelf definitely still has some fire in it and it helps us to explain how we believe IoT could change in-store shopping for both consumer and retailer. We like to tell the story around it being something like a physical web page. Actions resemble clicks. Guidance and information for the customer, real-time data for the retailer… everybody’s happy… you know the story.

But by now we should have made our point clear to a considerable amount of people and need to move on. Luckily we found the perfect new owners for it. Our colleagues in Paris will take care of it very soon, and what better place could there be for Smart Wine Shelf than France?! It’ll be in good hands.

IMG_3003 1

Cutting Edge Technology – we bleed for innovation

It is well known fact that members of the hybris labs team often suffer quite severe injuries when using soldering irons and hot-glue guns. But Anja took this one step further during the setup of the Smart Wine Shelf at the dmexco 2015 in Cologne. She bled for labs.

IMG_1756 1IMG_1757 1

But please relax, Anja’s finger was saved! Too dramatic? Well okay, a bottle broke in the transport and she cut herself on the broken glass. From that point on everything went fine. Although Anja did prefer to mainly use her left hand to present the demo.

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 14.19.44IMG_1771 1

Let’s talk about business though now. With 43,384 visitors this definitely counts to one of the big events. And the feedback Anja and Christian gathered was once again very positive. Say what you want, but the Smart Wine Shelf still rocks! Especially when it’s integrated into such an appealing environment. Thank you to our SAP colleagues for providing such a brilliant space! The topic of the entire booth was based on wine. Nice! Simply a good theme for Customer Engagement & Commerce.

IMG_1777 1

Best Use of Display Technology!

It seems not only we thought the presentation of the Smart Wine Shelf at the 2015 Online Retailer Conference and eCommerce Expo – the biggest digital commerce conference in the southern hemisphere – was pretty cool. The hybris labs Smart Wine Shelf won the award for Best use of display technology.


Thank you once more to the hybris team in Australia for putting such a lot of effort into the presentation!