Charly – our very first ‘out of the box’ demo

The SAP Hybris Customer Experience Summit is an exclusive event, held in Orlando as a part of SAPPHIRE NOW, for top executives and leaders in Marketing, Sales, and Commerce. Of course Hybris Labs was very happy to be asked to contribute two prototypes to the event. There was just one minor hiccup. A very tight schedule only allowed us to setup between 8pm-6am the night before. Slightly awkward perhaps but luckily our new prototype, Charly, is an ‘out of the box’ software demo… Continue reading

Just an ordinary trip with Hybris Labs

Our luggage…

IMG_2448 1

…then a bit of shopping (sweets this time, not wine)…

IMG_2404 1

…obligatory soldering…

IMG_2397 1

…followed by testing (behind closed doors with some random objects)…

IMG_2402 1

…setting up at the event location…

IMG_2430 1

… and pretending nothing ever happened.

IMG_2438 1

Okay, there is a bit more to the story. We were invited to the CMO Council Elite Retreat as part of SAP Sapphire Now, where we showed Funky Retail and also Bullseye.

IMG_2435 1

On top of that we supported the SAP Machine Learning Team.

IMG_2421 1

They used a slightly modified version of Bullseye to generate some live data for their showcase and to make it more tangible.

IMG_2416 1

Sweet deep learning with YaaS.

Labs in Orlando – SAPPHIRE NOW 2014

Our Wine Shelf is so smart that it can travel! It enjoyed Chicago, but felt it had to see more of the world. And when it heard some nice things about Florida, there just was no stopping it!  Okay, it might have needed a push from time to time…

(pic1: the wine shelf gets a from Josh)

After checking out what was going on at SAPPHIRE NOW 2014 in Orlando, our Smart Wine Shelf found a place to stay for the evening where it felt very comfortable: the SAP Executive Dinner. A perfect surrounding to demonstrate its qualities. Thankfully the Wine Shelf isn’t shy, so that soon the waiters gathered around it to get some advice on which wine to serve.


(pic 2: waiters testing the Wine Shelf)

The next day it finally had some free time. So, while the Wine Shelf was enjoying itself in Disney World, Sven and Scott took over. Sven had two sessions at this event. “Capitalize on the Internet of Things and Wearable Technology”  was the topic of a discussion he led. 45 minutes, no slides… a good way to get a lively discussion going.

In his second session, Sven gave a “Peek into the Future of Commerce and the Role of Wearable Technology” by demonstrating the Google Glass Picklist Prototype (you will be reading and seeing more about that here very soon…). And of course there still had to be time to talk about the Wine Shelf in this context.

To sum it up, SAPPHIRE NOW 2014 was a good experience for Labs. Although it was such an enormous event, we managed to pass on our understanding of innovation. Thanks once more to Tom and Josh for giving our Wine Shelf a hand on its journey.


(pic 3: Scott, Tom, Josh & Sven just about to enjoy some sushi)