First Lego, now Minecraft. Yes, we love our bricks!


It is continuously becoming more difficult to sustain a touch of seriousness here… Imagine one of your colleagues just finishing to play with Lego at his desk, when the next starts “working” with Minecraft and shares the fruits on the big screen in the office. Questions do arise… Okay, let’s try to explain.

Lars is currently exploring how IoT and SAP HANA fit together with a very simple approach. He’s measuring the room temperature in the office. Don’t laugh! This is serious stuff! Yeah okay, it does sound a bit ridiculous actually… but here goes: Lars connected a temperature sensor to a BeagleBone Black which sends the data to the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. From there it goes to a Raspberry PI that has Minecraft running on it and is connected to a TV. So much for the basic architecture. Here’s the idea: Lars wrote a script with which the temperature data can be displayed in a Minecraft landscape. Why? Because this is what it looks like in SAPUI5:

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 1.14.45 PM

Lars is planning to add mores sensors. Suggestions, anyone? Maybe even with a commerce related background…?

New possibilities?

Last week Sven was at Jazoon, the International Conference for the Software Community in Zurich. We promised to reduce posts about the Wine Shelf, so I’ll just mention, sort of en passant, that it was there too. Smart Wine Shelf: check. Done. Now we can take a look at some of the other things that happened at the event in Switzerland.

Jazoon was a fairly small conference with SAP as a Gold Sponsor. This gave Sven the opportunity to dive into some networking action with a few of our SAP colleagues. And he made a connection that might be quite relevant for hybirs labs in future. Holger Seubert will visit the labs team in Munich to train us in mastering SAP Hana. And once we’ve figured that out… MUAHAHAHA!… Sorry, that was actually slightly unprofessional. But seriously, integrating SAP Hana widens the range of things we can do with our prototypes.

Sven also ‘played’ with Arno Speck who was at Jazoon to present the SAP API Management Platform. Together they built the platform around the Wine Shelf API, creating an integrated use case that enables rate limiting, security, transformations…and so on. Let’s wait and see what this means for some of our next prototypes.