Funky Beach – Part 5 of the increasingly inaccurately named Customer Days Trilogy

Why is this part 5, you might ask? This event had nothing to do with the hybris Americas Customer Days, neither B2B Game Plan, nor did it take place in the same venue in Fort Worth. The SAP Retail Forum we’re talking about was located in Miami Beach. But we’re still in the same week! Funky Retail, the repaired Funky Retail, was dismantled on Tuesday evening, traveled to Miami on Wednesday morning and had to be set up again that same day. How’s that for a tight schedule?! And when we opened up the case, we found this:

IMG_3149 1

Yippieh, Skippy! As if we hadn’t suffered enough already! But let’s not be too dramatic. It seems the TSA was gentle with our Prototype. All systems were up and running before bedtime without any further obstructions.

IMG_3148 1

Next morning we could finally get back to business as usual. To round things off we made a slight enhancement to our branding…

IMG_3172 1

As a reward Scott got some camera time again.

IMG_3194 1

The hybris labs European Tour – Part 1

This is what happens when we ask Andreas to accompany the Smart Wine on a small tour across Europe:

2015-06-11 15.04.52 1

So, we thought perhaps this Big Brother thing actually isn’t such a bad idea…

2015-06-11 09.13.15 1

In Sopot (Poland), apparently golf is more interesting than wine and flashing lights. Would you believe it?! Maybe not a bad thing for a change. With all the attention it was getting, the wine shelf’s ego was starting to become quite unbearable. Our little star. But judging by the first photo, we should investigate what part Andreas played in this unexpected turn of events.

Anyway, to compensate for this slight disappointment, Andreas took the Smart Wine Shelf to Vienna. There it was treated appropriately and with the necessary respect.

IMG_6888 1

The “Palais Kaun Kinsky”, not a bad location for our partner’s, “SMARTASSISTANT”, guided-selling event, not bad at all!

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