The Funky Saga continues…

New York City, Retail’s Big Show 2016 – first event of the year: check. Piece of cake…NOT! Here’s the story…

The idea: show Funky Retail (on special request renamed ‘Connected Retailer’) at one of the biggest events in the calendar.

The plan (A): ship the Funky Retail EU version from Munich to NYC because the US version was slightly broken. Remember Fort Worth and Miami?

The challenge: realising that one and the same building in New York can have two completely separate entrances and well…shit…plan B… (P.S. Don’t ever try calling USPS or you’ll be in for treatment.)

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 09.15.34

Plan B: Since we didn’t know when our beloved prototype would arrive back in Munich and couldn’t be sure it would be in time to send it again or take it along on the plane, we decided to ship the US version to New York, fly in a day earlier, and repair a Funky Retail yet another time. Based on previous experiences we decided to take plenty of spare parts.

IMG_3581 1

And that was only one of the boxes. (Great luggage when you’re flying to the United States.) We were ready for nearly every eventuality. I think you can guess what happened next. Correct, the Funky Retail EU version arrived back at the Munich office. This gave us new options, so what now? After checking that traveling once around the globe hadn’t done it any harm, we chose to make doubly sure everything would work out in NYC and decided to take Funky Retail along as bulky luggage but still be prepared to repair either of the versions. Oh by the way, the Funky Retail US version was supposed to go to Sao Paulo next, to support our Brazilian colleagues at the local SAP Forum in March… But first things first.

With all that figured out, Anja and Christian were ready to head to the airport. Well, nearly… Unfortunately Christian started feeling unwell over night and wasn’t fit to fly. Luckily Georg was spontaneous enough to take his spot on the same flight. Right, we now had Anja and Georg¬† in NYC together with Funky Retail (EU), while Funky Retail (US) was waiting there in the hybris office. Next step was testing the Funky Retails. A suitable place to do this would be the office one might think, assuming of course that you’re allowed to take things out of the office after you have finished testing. But in these super-secure ages of humanity you can only leave the building with an item if you have a note permitting you to do so. This also counts for items you bring your self when you enter the site. It being Friday late afternoon this posed to be a trifle difficult. To summarise: Georg and Anja couldn’t pick up the Funky Retail (US) and also weren’t able to test the EU version at the office, because that would have meant leaving it there until Monday which wasn’t an option since the event started on the Sunday. That called for some hotel room action!


A good old Hybris Labs tradition brought back to life. Only this time it didn’t involve wine bottle re-labeling, but actual prototype testing. Evolution.

After this brief introduction we can now come to the actual event – Retail’s Big Show 2016. It went really well! Quite rewarding after all the hassle.


We had a very nice setup and not only did everything work, we also got lots of traffic and received plenty of good feedback. The demo was part of an integrated SAP story – from a tweet to the store. After three hard days of presenting (For all of you thinking we just travel to fancy places and have a good time: you’re welcome to have a go! Try standing at a booth all day. For beginners we recommend a one day event.) it was time to pack up. “Where is the Funky Retail case?” – “In storage.” – “Can we have it please.” – “Oh, that could take up to 8 hours.” – “Aaarrrggghhh!” …

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 10.45.03

At least we now know that Funky Retail fits into 3 blue bags. Repacking into the actual case was a hotel job again. The trip was coming to an end but the unfixed Funky Retail (US) was still at the hybris office. Only this time Anja and Georg had a note!


With the plane taking off a few hours later there was no other option but to bring it home to Munich for inspection.


[bulky luggage]¬≤, but everyone and everything got back safe. What an odyssey. Let’s see how we get this baby to Brazil…

BIG Show

New York was just the right surrounding for two big premiers. First of all we presented our brand new prototype, The Changing Room. And secondly Bert gave live demos of a prototype at an event. The only thing missing was a red carpet and screaming teenagers.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 10.12.02 AM

The reason why Bert had the pleasure of trading his comfortable coding environment for the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City, was that The Changing Room is basically “his” prototype. “Let him sort that one out”, we thought. And so he did. Everything worked, nothing broke down…neither machine, nor human. We can proudly state that the hybris labs Changing Room was a great success at NRF’s BIG Show 2015. If you don’t believe us, read what others say.

Apart from The Changing Room we also brought an old friend along, The Smart Wine Shelf! Haven’t mentioned it here for quite some time now… good old boy… always reliable, always doing its job, flashing nicely, attracting people, making them happy… awww……… Oh, and with it there on the photo is Sven, doing something…

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 10.50.18 AM