Images create Emotions…

…and emotions lead to interest. That is one of our thoughts behind Funky Retail. This video should explain what we mean. So please, see for yourself!

Just a short note on the analytics: The data we collect is merely an example to show that it is possible to connect the physical retail space. There may be other data that is more vital. The colourful, flashing lights also have the purpose to show that actions are recorded. We’re not necessarily saying future stores have to flash like crazy in all the different colours…(although we do think that would be quite cool).

Watch the Funky Interview here!

Funky Retail

The next hybris labs prototype is coming soon. You might have read about the idea already here on our blog, but there have been a couple of developments. Funky Retail’s the name, in-store analytics is the game. With the Smart Wine Shelf we aimed to improve  the customer experience by the use of an recommendation system based on IoT technology. But we also realised that the Internet of Things offers ways to enhance in-store analytics. This is exactly what we focused on while designing Funky Retail.

On any standard shopping website, retailers know exactly when a customer visits,  know how long he stays, which products he looks at, for how long he looks at them, can recommend upsells and sees if the customer makes a purchase. Why should this not be possible in the physical retail world? That’s what we evaluate with Funky Retail. We identify the presence of a customer in front of a Funky Box; we count the product lift-ups; we measure how long a product is being lifted; and we even combined the individual product lift-up with the playback of an engaging product video.

To spice the whole thing up a little, we collaborated with the hybris customer Mammut. Mammut equipped us with some cool products that help us to put some more life into this prototype and round the story off. We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but we’ll give you a hint: A video shoot is scheduled with the hybris media team, and those guys have got a bit of climbing experience…

Watch the Funky Interview here!