UNDER CONSTRUCTION – the hybris Labs Innovation Space

hybris Labs is getting physical. Well, of course we build prototypes and are therefore already known as the department that works with hardware. But now we are actually getting a permanent showroom, located in the new office building in Munich: the hybris Labs Innovation Space.

We put a lot of effort in our prototypes and enjoy demonstrating them, especially live. So far though, we only got the chance to do this at events around the globe. Unfortunately we don’t have the capacities to go on tour all throughout the year. This is also a logistical issue, since some of our inventions are big. That’s why we have to choose carefully which events to attend.

The hybris Labs Innovation Space will give us the chance to present our prototypes on a permanent basis, in addition to the events. This opportunity is connected to quite a bit of planning and preparation, and some decisions that are not always easy. The architecture, for instance, had to be somewhat flexible due to the nature of Labs. We tend to have a high frequency in developing new ideas. Furthermore we have been, and currently still are, looking for the best solution how to manage the space from technical, but also from an organisational perspective. We’re having discussions on whether to install an automated control unit for prototypes and screens, and how to secure a capability of giving live demonstrations every day, if required.

We can’t wait for the hybris Labs Innovation Space to finally be opened in July, and are looking forward immensely to give our customers a tour of Labs. Actually, we’re so excited about it that we will give a bottle of Champagne to the 1st and the 100th visitor. See you there!

labs inno space_under construction