Time for a change

Imagine a lady shopping for clothes… no, actually don’t imagine a lady, picture yourself! Because the odds are pretty good you’ve already been in the following situation, or at least in one similar to it. So, let’s start again. You’re shopping for clothes. You’ve already been round town for a while and have had a fairly successful tour so far, with the result that you’re now carrying at a minimum of three bags around with you. Oh, and it’s winter which means you’ll also be wearing a thick jacket. All that’s left on your list is a pair of trousers. You find a pair you quite like, pick your size, walk to the changing room, put down your bags, take off your jacket, take off your shoes, take off your trousers, try on the pair you’ve chosen and… bugger! Wrong size… You now have a few options:

a)    You put back on your trousers and your shoes, take your jacket and your four bags,         look for the right size, and… you know the rest.

b)    You stay as you are, leaving your shoes, your trousers, your jacket and your five                bags in the cabin (hoping that nobody steels your phone and your wallet), and                    then walk through the shop half naked, searching for the right size. Then from the             top…

c)    You’re lucky enough to have a partner who accompanies you on your odyssey. So,          depending on your personality and relationship, you now either stick your head                 out of the cabin, communicate through the closed curtain, or your partner joins                 you in the cabin. In any case your belongings and your six bags are safe.

Does any of that sound remotely familiar? Oh by the way, this is how our new prototype works:

A changing room is equipped with an RFID scanner and a tablet computer. When an item (labelled with an RFID tag) is brought into the changing room, it will almost immediately appear on the tablet. By using the application on the tablet, the customer can choose a different size or colour, and have the selected item ‘delivered’ to the cabin. The customer can also select items to create a wish list which is sent to him via email.

A big thank you to the hybris UI/UX team for taking care of the design and Impinj for assisting us with the hardware!

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 4.10.16 PM

Changing Room live on stage at SAP d-kom! See more here!


Video: Surprise

You’re planning the perfect evening. A lovely dinner for two, cooked by yourself. That’s always a good way to impress someone special. Stimulating those taste buds with the meal you’ve prepared and the harmoniously matching wine you’ve chosen. Candles, music…it doesn’t get more romantic than that. Or does it? Wait for the surprise…

The Wine Shelf – What’s it all about?

Imagine you go into a supermarket to buy a bottle of wine. But the variety of choice is so big, you don’t know which sort to pick. What do you do? Go for the bottle with the nicest label? Ask a shop assistant (who will then probably apply the same method and recommend the bottle with the nicest label)? Buy some beer instead?

There just might be a better solution in future. We’ve created an app that helps you to define your taste in wine. All you have to do is answer five questions to both red and white wine. You then send the completed “Wine Wizard” test to our Smart Wine Shelf, which will let those bottles light up that match with your preferences.

But this is just the first step. If you now lift a bottle, the shelf will display more information on that specific wine. It will also tell you how well it matches your taste and on which criteria it has based its recommendation.

At the same time another story is developing behind the scenes. Any interaction with the Wine Shelf produces data, that can be used for market research. This is our idea of using IoT to combine customer experience and analytics. By doing so, hopefully in the end: everybody’s happy.