Changing Room on YaaS

We now have another Hybris Labs prototype running entirely on YaaS – The Changing Room.

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 09.51.33 (2)

After Bullseye and Infinite Cart this is now the third of our prototypes we have integrated with YaaS. Again, the biggest benefit lies in the flexibility to configure the demo to specific needs. “Product content management with YaaS Builder” we call it. In less fancy words: we can easily exchange the products.

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 14.51.34

There is of course a bit more to it than that. At the end, one of our main goals is to demonstrate the possibilities of combining innovative ideas with SAP Hybris software. It also allowed us to add some new features:

  • Customer loyalty card detection on customer opt-in
  • Transfer of products currently in changing room to customers shopping cart on mobile device via QR code

IMG_7571 1

This nicely rounds off the Changing Room story. If we wanted to, we now could speak of a ‘customer journey’…

Changing Room conquers new region

After the Smart Wine Shelf in Mexico and Infinite Cart in Japan, we now had the Changing Room in the Middle East. In Dubai, a city well known for luxury shopping and modern architecture,  it was Lukas Kerschbaum, Director of Presales at SAP Hybris who had the pleasure of conducting the demo. Here’s what Lukas had to say:

“This year at GITEX it’s all about LIVE – construction, events, boardroom and of course LIVE Retail. What else is there to demonstrate this better than our very own Hybris Labs Changing Room. Together with other smart innovations that make people’s lives easier, we showcased our concept of an interactive shopping or dressing experience to the visitors at GITEX. Many big retailers love the idea of connecting a digital experience with a store visit. To attract even more attention we will move the Changing Room to the newly created Customer Experience Center in the new Dubai office after GITEX.”

IMG_9349 1

Labs goes Danish design

Well, let’s say almost… Okay, not actual Danish design by definition… But this version of the Hybris Labs Changing Room was built in Denmark, set up at the SAP Innovation Forum in Copenhagen (Denmark) by our Danish colleagues who also conducted the demo…in Danish! So there!

The reason we’re emphasizing this, is not our love for functionalist design and architecture. Far more it is the fact that once again a team has successfully demoed one of our prototypes at an event without a Hybris Labs member being physically present. Well done! This makes us very happy because, as our loyal readers know, we can’t possibly attend all of the events we’re requested for. But we’ll always do our best to support where we can!

Actually, you can find elements of Danish design in the setup…


Wine Shelf Extravaganza

Not bad. Not bad at all! Just take a look at the photo…

IMG_2685[9] 1

Now this is how you present a Smart Wine Shelf! Cheese, crackers, and a bit of proper booze (not just the soap-mixed dishwater we use to do the demo)! Can you imagine how often people ask us if they get to drink the wine at the end?! Our standard answer being: “We wouldn’t recommend it, unless you would like to take the risk of becoming seriously ill.” AT – EVERY – SINGLE – EVENT! Sometimes bottles even get stolen. If anyone of those, clearly quite desperate, thieves is reading this, let us know how you felt after drinking the (dare I call it?) wine. But please, no photos!

Sorry, that was a bit off topic. You might remember we shipped the readily soldered platforms to Australia. Alan and his team took it from there and came up with this lovely setup for the ‘Online Retailer Conference & eCommerce Expo’ in Sydney. On top of that, they also showed the Changing Room.

IMG_2683[6] 1

Also looks very nice! But a changing cabin with glass walls? Hm…perhaps an Australian thing…

Great work, guys! We love it, thanks!

It was worth it!…

The never-ending quest for perfection

After months of hard training and intense practice it’s fair to say we have now finally mastered the art of setting up the portable Smart Wine Shelf. We didn’t actually time it with a watch or something, but judging objectively it took us less than 10 minutes. Probably we did it in under five… in any case, it’s a new world record in the discipline of setting up the hybris labs portable Smart Wine Shelf. ‘Setting up’ does imply that it also works!

IMG_2596 1

But at the ‘SAP-Forum für den Handel’ in Mannheim there wasn’t just the Wine Shelf. There also was a changing room. Our Changing Room, in fact. But it wasn’t us taking care of it. It was run by our SAP colleagues.

IMG_2605 1

It’s really great to see how this is developing. We invent, build, demo, support, and then others take over. That gives us a bit more time to invent, build,…

The hybris labs European Tour – Part 2

With all the travelling we do, we began to think about how cool it would be if we could organise ourselves a tour bus. A mobile home for us and all our prototypes…IoT-rockstar-style. Until now, the idea didn’t go down too well with the management. So how come the HANA-guys get one?! Unfair! Unfair! Unfair!


But no, no, we’re not offended.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 10.25.19

And what on earth is up with this golf stuff? We’re permanently being accused of playing during working hours, but at least we have the decency to behave sensibly when we’re at an event. Unless we encounter tour-bus-injustice. Then we might become a bit rowdy and start kicking golf balls…

We may not have a tour bus (YET!), but soon we’ll have fixed installations of our prototypes all over the planet. Haw-haaaw! This one here is in Paris.


Scott and Georg went to the SAP Networked Economy Summit to present the Changing Room, Funky Retail and Stream.


Stream and the Changing Room stayed in the showroom in Paris, and Funky Retail will be rebuilt once again for exactly that purpose. It couldn’t stay there, because Scott had to take it to another event in The Hague. You can read all about that in “The hybris labs European Tour – Part 3”.

The hybris labs European Tour – Part 1

The Chameleon Changing Room

Oooops! Somebody forgot to write a blog post about the SAP Retail Summit in Turkey… Better late than never!

So, Scott and Bert went to Istanbul to present the Changing Room and Funky Retail. Well, at least they tried… we wanted to ship Funky Retail, found out quite late we had to meet some requirements to do so, tried to get that sorted, (at this point Scott started to get a little bit frustrated), didn’t manage to sort it out, (frustration turned into ‘aggravation’), took Tiles instead and then found out that the shipping bureaucracy doesn’t apply for Funky Retail (do you know these kind of mad smiles?). Scott relaxed a little at some stage…


Now that that’s sorted we can start to talk about the actual event. Another venue, another design for the Changing Room. Our colleagues in Brazil showed how you could fit a changing room into four red boxes and in Istanbul we had a more extensive setup.

2015-05-14 09.49.33

And if you take a look at the heat map, it definitely was worth it. Big, fat red blop thingy on the SAP hybris Store, exactly where the Changing Room was set up!

2015-05-14 15.51.13