"big hit" in Singapore

That’s the reaction to the Hybris Labs Changing Room at the 4th Annual Customer Experience Management Summit, currently being held in Singapore – “a big hit!”. The internal reaction… but the general feedback can’t be far off, because the setup looks pretty cool.


The local team did a great job putting the demo together with some remote support from us. Nice one!

Labs goes Danish design

Well, let’s say almost… Okay, not actual Danish design by definition… But this version of the Hybris Labs Changing Room was built in Denmark, set up at the SAP Innovation Forum in Copenhagen (Denmark) by our Danish colleagues who also conducted the demo…in Danish! So there!

The reason we’re emphasizing this, is not our love for functionalist design and architecture. Far more it is the fact that once again a team has successfully demoed one of our prototypes at an event without a Hybris Labs member being physically present. Well done! This makes us very happy because, as our loyal readers know, we can’t possibly attend all of the events we’re requested for. But we’ll always do our best to support where we can!

Actually, you can find elements of Danish design in the setup…


Wine Shelf Extravaganza

Not bad. Not bad at all! Just take a look at the photo…

IMG_2685[9] 1

Now this is how you present a Smart Wine Shelf! Cheese, crackers, and a bit of proper booze (not just the soap-mixed dishwater we use to do the demo)! Can you imagine how often people ask us if they get to drink the wine at the end?! Our standard answer being: “We wouldn’t recommend it, unless you would like to take the risk of becoming seriously ill.” AT – EVERY – SINGLE – EVENT! Sometimes bottles even get stolen. If anyone of those, clearly quite desperate, thieves is reading this, let us know how you felt after drinking the (dare I call it?) wine. But please, no photos!

Sorry, that was a bit off topic. You might remember we shipped the readily soldered platforms to Australia. Alan and his team took it from there and came up with this lovely setup for the ‘Online Retailer Conference & eCommerce Expo’ in Sydney. On top of that, they also showed the Changing Room.

IMG_2683[6] 1

Also looks very nice! But a changing cabin with glass walls? Hm…perhaps an Australian thing…

Great work, guys! We love it, thanks!

It was worth it!…