Enter the next Dimension…

…of Customer Engagement!

Oh no, marketing blabla!! … Pfff, so what. This prototype is cool enough to take it! Well it probably is… will be… okay, we still have to build it. But it will definitely be ready for the SAP Hybris Summit!…we guess. It all starts with this box:


Inside it is not our new prototype but an essential piece of machinery belonging to our new partners NavVis. It’s an M3 Mapping Trolley used for “easy and fast 3D mapping of entire buildings in photorealistic quality.”


It was fast and also very easy. That’s why Max was allowed to have a go…


We had our Labs Innovation Space scanned and will create some kind (TOP SECRET!) of virtual shopping world integrated with Hybris YaaS. Again, visit us at the Summit to see the real thing for the very first time! To give you a taste here’s a link to a demo showcase provided by NavVis.

Diving into 3D with the Leap Motion Controller, WebGL and Three.js

You might have heard of the The Leap Motion Controller, which is a tiny and cheap device to enable gesture-based input to a PC or Mac. While Leap calls itself a “gesture-based” controller, it is even better. You can get detailed x/y/z coordinates of the hands, fingers and pointables that the device detects. The SDKs that Leap offers already convert this into some key gestures like the swipe and circle gestures, but you are free to work directly with the underlying x/y/z coordinates if you want.

Another piece in the technology puzzle that recently became very popular is WebGL – a 3D rendering context for web browsers. All modern browsers but the current version of IE10 support it (see at “CanIUse”). Luckily IE11 is planned to have support which makes WebGL the universally supported 3D context in the desktop web world. Unfortunately, WebGL is a pretty complex, you have to work with 3D vertices and shaders which is pretty tough. The good news is, that Three.js, an open source JavaScript library, hides much of this complexity.

Bringing the two things together is what we currently find pretty interesting. With the Leap, you get an affordable 3D input device that offers a JavaScript API. With WebGL and three.js, you get a pretty easy to use 3D rendering API. Both together close the loop and 3D/ gesture controlled web apps become possible. We are at an very early stage, where we explore how you could for example select or even manage products using a 3D, gesture-controlled UI. The screenshot below shows how we added a few product boxes to the 3D scene in a circular, wheel-like geometry. Using the Leap Motion Controller and our integration between Leap Motion and the three.js libraries, you can now zoom in and out, rotate the wheel or change the camera y position, the vertical axis of the camera.

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 10.10.30 AM

I’ve also captured a video which shows our current explorations.

At this point, we’re looking for feedback and ideas. What could you imagine when it comes to product catalog management or other parts of a commerce system? Would you say there is room for customer-facing ideas that involve the Leap Motion Controller? Please let us know – either via comments on the blog post or via our hybris Google+ Community.