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Signal is a Hybris Labs virtual reality live interaction experiment, showcasing a Hybris Labs vision: VR will change the way business users can interact with big amounts of real-time data.

As the VR user you find yourself in a galaxy, surrounded by your customers profiles that are presented to you as spheres. You have an immersive and intuitive interface to the data, provided by Hybris Profile, about the current actions of all customers and can interact with what your customer is doing right now. This interface gives you real-time visuals that make it easy to follow the current state and react to individual customers who might need help.

A 3D environment, even if it is an abstract galaxy, feels more natural to the human mind than a conventional user interface and makes it easier to understand and handle large amounts of data. Signal is an experiment and the idea behind it opens a whole new area of VR use cases for the business-data/Big Data context.

We try to avoid showing flat visuals of Signal (as images or videos) as they won’t come close to the immersive VR experience. Make sure to get Your demo run in one of the setup locations!

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