Pepper Instore Assistance

This demo showcases a scenario for customer engagement via the humanoid robot Pepper. Imagine you walk down the street and see an advertisement poster of your favorite brand and their new product. You visit their online store on your phone to find our more about that new product. Besides displaying a QR code, the text on the product detail page suggests experiencing this new product in real life. You walk into the shop and see Pepper. You show Pepper the QR code from the product detail page. Pepper understands what product you’re interested in and points to the correct product. In addition, you as a customer get additional product information about that product on Pepper’s tablet.

We not only store the product content like name, description and picture in YaaS (Hybris as a Service), but also the actual position of the product in the physical store. That way Pepper knows where the product is located around him and can turn in the right direction.

Usually Pepper is controlled by apps that are loaded into its system. This time we tried out another approach. The flow and logic of the demo is programmed into a website and Pepper can be remote-controlled through a web browser on a computer that is on the same network. This allowed us to prototype much faster and explore the functionality of Pepper, as you can use the exact same APIs that you would use with a traditional Pepper app. By hosting the website ourselves, we can publish an updated version of the demo anytime without physical access to any Pepper.

Video (Demo)

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