Infinite Cart

Infinite Cart is a prototype for any scenario within which the customer is not able to put the items of interest into a physical shopping cart or basket. This can be the case when buying furniture or even installations for entire rooms like kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, etc.

But Infinite Cart also applies for other use cases where the products are simply too big, too heavy, or the quantities the customer wants to purchase are too large. A B2B scenario is therefore quite conceivable.

The customer picks up a Infinite Cart device (containing an NFC reader) when he enters the shop. All purchasable items carry an NFC tag. If the customer ‘touches’ the NFC tag of the product, all information regarding this product is stored in the cloud, mapped to that specific Infinite Cart device, and is ready to be downloaded at a check out terminal.

Infinite Cart is meant to replace the necessity of making notes and taking photos of various items, with a very simple action. All the relevant product information is stored on the NFC tags.

Based on the customer’s actions and interactions with the products, the retailer receives valuable customer data that can be sent to the cloud and used to generate real-time & predictive analytics (Hybris Profile), including location and time dependent information.

At the end the customer can compare, get advice from a sales assistant, make a choice, check out directly, or in some cases negotiate over the price (this would most likely be a B2B scenario).

Video (story)

Video (explanation)

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