Funky Retail

Funky Retail is designed to promote a set of products in a very prominent manner. There are two phases to the scenario around this prototype. First we try to attract the customer’s attention on an emotional, irrational level by showing an engaging video on a big screen. In this video all the products can be seen in action. Phase two attends the customer’s more rational need: product information. This combination can be seen as an ideal preparation for face-to-face communication with a sales assistant.

When a customer approaches, the boxes light up, again drawing awareness, and change their colour depending on the time the customer spends in front of a box. As soon as a product is lifted, the screen switches to show a short promotional video clip.

The beauty of this scenario lies in the fact that the customer isn’t required to use any kind of technology, i.e. mobile devices. This is also true for the shopping assistant.

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