Expose is a Hybris Labs experiment that combines RFID and IoT technology with YaaS (Hybris as a Service). The purpose of this experiment is to take a closer look at the possibilities that go beyond mere location tracking. We use the environment of a conference, trade show, showroom or any other event to demonstrate how Expose could help to obtain information about guests, visitors or customers which at the end they themselves can profit from.

Participants of this experiment wear RFID badges. The experiment consists of two major components, the location subsystem and the action subsystem. The location subsystem constantly scans for registered RFID labels and tries to determine their best possible location. The data is analyzed and yields an individual journey per user. This journey and the real-time location data can be used to analyze the event space and offers personalized guidance to the users. The action subsystem allows individual participants of this experiment to interact on a 1:1 basis with the system. It is only triggered by a user-aware tap of the RFID reader with the user’s RFID label.

The key message behind Expose is that we – SAP Hybris – can help our customers to understand their customers. We demonstrate that we listen and understand and are able use the data we once acquired in a meaningful and personalized way.

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