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Charly is the name of our Hybris Labs chatbot. Via Facebook Messenger Charly can help you with your grocery shopping. (This is our current demo. Of course Charly’s capabilities aren’t limited to the world of groceries.) Among many other things, Charly can find products, recommend items, and remind you of certain products at a specific time. With Charly you can create a shopping list, add products to your shopping cart, and of course complete a checkout. You can even take a photo of a product’s barcode (EAN code) and ask him to find it. All this works in your standard Facebook Messenger, using natural language. Charly will understand you.

By agreeing to let Charly contact you via Facebook Messenger, you create a direct connection between him, your customer account, the online shop (running on YaaS – Hybris as a Service), and of course the messenger app. This opens a whole new channel that allows you as a customer to interact with a brand or shop, simply by texting.

Making use of  artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning machine comprehension, bidirectional communication and many other API´s, Charly starts simple and gains knowledge over time with every interaction through automated training algorithms. It’s the next step towards personalised customer engagement.

The messenger code that connects you to Charly


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