Bullseye (a.k.a. The Beer Selector)

it’s like the Wine Shelf, but on steroids…

Bullseye is a super flexible, YaaS-based prototype that takes the heritage of the Smart Wine Shelf into the YaaS (SAP Hybris as a Service @ HANA Cloud Platform) century. The key value is about giving customers an easy to use in-store selection mechanism by lighting up recommended products in the shelf. The retailers, on the other hand, gain in-depth knowledge about customer needs by analyzing the questionnaire profile data and the physical product interactions.

Where’s the difference to the Smart Wine Shelf? It’s the first Hybris Labs prototype that entirely runs on SAP Hybris software. Instead of hard-wiring a story and products into this prototype, bullseye is completely based on YaaS-based APIs and is therefore easily configurable in the YaaS service and builder module

The bullseye package is part of the YaaS marketplace and can be subscribed to by a client project. The package contains the bullseye service, offering various UIs for the end user and retailer, and also the central matching service. The matching service is a completely tenant-aware service, that uses the profile input from a customer questionnaire to score a selection of products. The result is a scored list of products that are mapped to platform IDs and then addressed with a color command.

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Video (Technical)

Video (Demo)

Virtual Bullseye

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