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Feb 19

Catalog Entity Extraction for Search

Keyword extraction from search queries is a fundamental aspect of conversational commerce. In this article I illustrate a simple but effective way to get relevant entities from user’s utterances and rank them against an unstructured product catalog and an ontology database. The primary purpose of a conversational application is to... read more →
Feb 15
Jan 29
Jan 26

Video: Smart Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? Well, according to the SAP Hybris labs Smart Mirror, Henrik looks like a hippie. Do you come to the same conclusion? Find out more about the SAP Hybris Labs Smart Mirror...
Jan 26

Video: Digital Real Estate Agent

Have you ever come across an estate agent who couldn't adequately answer all your questions? And did you start to wonder if the estate agent was merely there to open the door? Perhaps you should view your next property with Jimmy, the SAP Hybris Labs Digital Real Estate Agent. Find... read more →