Bullseye in a Nutshell – Part 1: OVERVIEW

The father of flashing IoT demos at Hybris Labs, Sven Haiges, grants you a view behind the curtains. In this five part video series you can learn very nearly everything about the Bullseye architecture, hardware, and configuration via YaaS. It would probably be too much for you to handle all at once, so we’ll only give you a video per day. To start things off, here’s an overview.


Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

They said the Louvre was already full…

Forget the Eiffel Tower! Forget the Arc de Triomphe! Forget Notre Dame!  And forget the Louvre! Take a guided tour through the Digital Executive Briefing Center in Paris with the director himself, Frédéric Puche. If you don’t speak any French…look for some nice background music (Chopin would be appropriate) and enjoy the pure beauty of the Hybris Labs prototypes (and Frédéric).

Images create Emotions…

…and emotions lead to interest. That is one of our thoughts behind Funky Retail. This video should explain what we mean. So please, see for yourself!

Just a short note on the analytics: The data we collect is merely an example to show that it is possible to connect the physical retail space. There may be other data that is more vital. The colourful, flashing lights also have the purpose to show that actions are recorded. We’re not necessarily saying future stores have to flash like crazy in all the different colours…(although we do think that would be quite cool).

Watch the Funky Interview here!