Monitoring office air quality using a DIY air quality sensor

My colleague Andreas Brain recently approached me with an interesting project he heard of: monitoring the air quality using a DIY air quality sensor described at I could not resist and had to order all components. The arrived yesterday (fresh from China, thx aliexpress) and a few hours later (around 18 to be exact) we have 2 new air quality sensors online. One is at home, outside, and the other one is currently at our office, inside, on the 4th floor. It does not look very exciting, but works perfectly. Thx go out to the team of OKLab Stuttgart! Continue reading

yAlexa Technical Architecture & Update for our Alexa-based prototype

Besides cleaning up our new labs space, we’ve been pretty productive this week and I want to give you a quick update on the progress with Voice User Interfaces. yAlexa (see previous post), our prototype around Hybris as a Service and Amazon Alexa, is taking shape. This week was devoted to adding a demo UI for keeping track of the voice actions directed at alexa. In addition, I’ve created a technical architecture that I quickly wanted to share. Continue reading