Coffee Capsules Vending Machine Gamification (1) – Overview

This is the first of two blog posts by Barbara, a working student at Hybris Labs in the first half of 2017, summarizing her work.


In this blog post I would like to share with you the experience I gained in my gamification project for the Coffee Capsule Vending Machine. The idea was about developing an IoT project for vending coffee capsules by adopting the Claw Crane Game to have a User Interactive Machine for Marketing Purposes. Continue reading

Web Push Notifications – Part 3 – ServiceWorker Extras

In the recent posts about showcase coffeepush, we explored the main idea and then the technical implementation to enable the push feature.  After a while, we realized that ServiceWorkers can be used for many other cool features, too, and these features are often not hard to implement. So while we only needed a ServiceWorker initially to get access to the PushManager, we ended up also exploring offline web apps and web install banners. Continue reading