Web Push Notifications – Part 3 – ServiceWorker Extras

In the recent posts about showcase coffeepush, we explored the main idea and then the technical implementation to enable the push feature.  After a while, we realized that ServiceWorkers can be used for many other cool features, too, and these features are often not hard to implement. So while we only needed a ServiceWorker initially to get access to the PushManager, we ended up also exploring offline web apps and web install banners. Continue reading

yaas.js examples

Do you remember our blog post about yaas.js?

In the meanwhile YaaS is also available in Germany and therefore the screenshots are a little bit outdated. An always up-to-date documentation you can find on the YaaS Builder page.

Another thing we’ve changed, was to add some tests. Therefore the example we mentioned in our previous blog post is now a test case which needs a testing framework (mocha). But don’t worry, I’ve add some examples to yaas.js. Just copy and adjust the test-config-TEMPLATE.json to test-config.json and run an example.