Just an ordinary trip with Hybris Labs

Our luggage…

IMG_2448 1

…then a bit of shopping (sweets this time, not wine)…

IMG_2404 1

…obligatory soldering…

IMG_2397 1

…followed by testing (behind closed doors with some random objects)…

IMG_2402 1

…setting up at the event location…

IMG_2430 1

… and pretending nothing ever happened.

IMG_2438 1

Okay, there is a bit more to the story. We were invited to the CMO Council Elite Retreat as part of SAP Sapphire Now, where we showed Funky Retail and also Bullseye.

IMG_2435 1

On top of that we supported the SAP Machine Learning Team.

IMG_2421 1

They used a slightly modified version of Bullseye to generate some live data for their showcase and to make it more tangible.

IMG_2416 1

Sweet deep learning with YaaS.

Free sweets for everyone!

DUB_9356 1

Bullseye is making a lot of people very happy! Obviously those who get to eat the sweets are happy. Then there’s our colleagues in various locations that get show a cool demo – they’re happy too! But above all, the Hybris Labs team is very happy to be able to support these events without needing to be physically present. Happy, happy, happy!

With Bullseye we’ve managed to develop a prototype that is small enough to easily be shipped, simple to set up and, thanks to YaaS, configurable to the requirements of each location. But at the end it comes down to our colleagues having the confidence to do the ‘dirty work’.

The SAP Forum Moscow is a perfect example for such a successful collaboration. Well done, guys!

IMG_3331 1

Physics 101

Who would have guessed that NFC and metal don’t go well together? (the material not the music style…) Well, let’s just say we had a suspicion. But we weren’t expecting to ever have to prove it at an event. Then again, who would have thought that a booth is sometimes constructed with metal walls? Definitely was a bit of surprise fur us. Here’s a little physics 101: NFC tags don’t work when they’re stuck onto metal walls. And just as a side note, it’s also a suboptimal environment for wireless networks. Basically we had similar problems as Superman has with lead (spot on comparison).

But we were at the SAP CEC Forum in Vienna to show Infinite Cart, so we had to find a solution. Time to improvise. We found these wooden thingies…

IMG_4520 1 IMG_4521 1 IMG_4522 1 IMG_4523 1

…and tried to get a bit of distance between the tags and the wall. Not exactly pretty, but it worked… kind of… Luckily though, the booth as a whole looked absolutely fab!

IMG_4533 1

Like last time when we showed Infinite Cart, we ganged up again with the guys from Hybris Profile. It just makes so much sense to use our prototypes to promote actual SAP Hybris products (“to be” in this case) and demonstrate how ready the software already is for cool innovations.

But then all of a sudden the buggers started stealing our thunder!


Labs goes Danish design

Well, let’s say almost… Okay, not actual Danish design by definition… But this version of the Hybris Labs Changing Room was built in Denmark, set up at the SAP Innovation Forum in Copenhagen (Denmark) by our Danish colleagues who also conducted the demo…in Danish! So there!

The reason we’re emphasizing this, is not our love for functionalist design and architecture. Far more it is the fact that once again a team has successfully demoed one of our prototypes at an event without a Hybris Labs member being physically present. Well done! This makes us very happy because, as our loyal readers know, we can’t possibly attend all of the events we’re requested for. But we’ll always do our best to support where we can!

Actually, you can find elements of Danish design in the setup…


On stage with the SAP demo god at CeBIT 2016

You know you’re special when you get the chance to present your prototype live on stage side by side with SAP’s very own Demo Guy, Ian Kimbel. At this year’s CeBIT such honour was bestowed upon the Hybris Labs team. Together with Ian we showed Bullseye on the SAP Live Stage during the entire week. He nearly refused, because there was no chocolate among the sweets…but the flashing lights lifted his spirits again.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 13.52.48


We’re still catching up on all the events we attended in the past few weeks and months. Today, let us take you to Helsinki. You think it’s cold in Finland? Correct.

IMG_4348 1

But we didn’t just travel there because of the nice weather. So after a quick swim in the Baltic Sea we started to set up our Bullseye Demo at the SAP Innovation Forum Helsinki. You may be surprised to hear that we actually learned something from our previous prototypes. For example: make components transportable.


USB instead of soldered wiring to connect the components.

IMG_4358 1

Some things on the other hand will probably never change. Re-labeling. It’s our thing. Apparently…

Foto 07.03.16, 15 18 51 1

Hey presto!

IMG_4355 1

Conclusion: Bullseye can be shipped and is very easy to set up. Probably the closest we’ll ever get to plug and play. Reason enough for us to risk the next step. In future we want to support events without traveling to location ourselves… “Have you tried turning it off an on again?…”

Step into our bathroom and enjoy… Infinite Cart

We didn’t have the chance to show Infinite Cart, one of our latest prototypes, that often yet, so we were very happy to be given this opportunity at Internet World in Munich. Especially since the event was right on our doorstep.

There are two things we like especially about Infinite Cart…apart from the fact that it’s a really cool prototype… We’ve worked together with our SAP Hybris Profile team to generate a more compelling showcase, including aspects that focus on B2B industries.

And secondly, having our SAP Hybris customer ‘hansgrohe’ on board made it possible for us to add some life and spice to the scenario. Demos always work better when you’ve got some actual products. Not to forget the fact that it looks nice and attracts people to come by our booth. This calls for a new video, doesn’t it? Well, stay tuned…


¡Adiós Wine Shelf!

We’re still alive! It’s been a while since our last update and we’ve got quite a lot to catch up on. But don’t worry, we’ll let you relive everything as if it happened yesterday! Just relax, close your eyes, and read…

When our Mexican colleagues asked us to demo the Smart Wine Shelf at the SAP Forum in Mexico City, we were reluctant a first. But then we found out that they would be willing to keep and also maintain it. And after we had already successfully handed over responsibility for the European version to our colleagues in Paris, we saw the opportunity to get rid of… pass on the US version of the wine shelf.

But before we could say goodbye, it was business as usual. Flying around the globe…


Wine shelf in a box…


Wine shelf out of the box…


Wine shelf broken…


Wine shelf fixed… (No, really! It’s supposed to look like that. Honestly!)


Wine bottle re-labeling…


Sexy booth… (That’s actually not business as usual. Very nice, guys!)


Demo time…


And then: ¡Adiós! Here are the keys. Demo carefully!


At the end: Everybody’s happy!


Especially Georg…


And about 500 Customer Accounts later…

The #HybrisSummit is over, it was a blast. As our bullseye prototype is based on YaaS, we’ve collected a lot of data and I quickly wanted to share that with you. So here we go: we’ve had >500 customer accounts created &  >1200 product liftups in just two days! That means >500 demos that we’ve given, very often more have been watching of course!


Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 8.42.01 PM Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 8.35.15 PM Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 8.34.57 PM

If you look a bit deeper, you’ll see that the top product was the “Toucan”, our very colorful and sweet/medium style candy. The data that we’ve collected for the profile questionnaires is also really interesting. It will help us with upcoming orders: about 50% of all customers answer they like sweet candy, followed by sour and salty.

Hope you like it, please reshare & comment as you like!