Finding the Signal @ dmexco 2017

One thing that was certainly not difficult to find, was the Hybris Labs contribution to the SAP Hybris booth at this year’s dmexco – Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference in Cologne.

This was the most spacious display of a Hybris Labs prototype yet. Behind the high walls of this  cylinder we took our visitors on a tour through the newly modified VR world of Signal. Very, very newly modified. So new in fact, the first full test runs happened after setting up at the event. Now that’s what you call innovating in the nick of time…

We realised that the controller-based interactions within the demo weren’t quite up to speed with the sci-fi influenced vision we were pursuing. Enabling users to act intuitively was always a main focus while designing this demo. And what could feel more natural than using your own hands? ‘Natural’ seems like a weird term when we talk about virtual reality but it best describes the feeling you must generate if you want to create a VR environment that actually feels like an alternative world. This doesn’t just serve as a fancy show effect. As we could clearly see at dmexco, the gesture-based controls added elements of  caution and comfort to the demo. Caution, as users were very careful not to break anything with their virtual hands – and comfort, as users really lost themselves in the VR world.

To provide the users with some further guidance inside the VR world but not wanting to interrupt their experience, we added another feature: a speech-based digital assistant. At this moment in time the assistant acts as a tutorial, explaining the basic functions and the UI, and allows the user to issue certain commands via a microphone. The next step from here would of course be to integrate a fully functional AI.

Should you be attending the SAP Hybris Live: Global Summit next week in Barcelona, you’ll get the chance to experience a version of this prototype that is integrated with the event itself. That’s all we can say for now. If you can’t make it, stay tuned…

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