Coffeepush – order. be notified. – the UI is in the making

While I am testing and improving our technical implementation for coffeepush, our UX team is busy working, too. Below are two ideas right now – one darker theme which fits better for coffee and similar products and one more colorful theme for cocktails… Have a look!

State of UI

Choose a bar Choose a drink Who are you? Order done. Ready.

Keep in mind that this series of images does not contain the push notification, which is shown on supporting systems such as Chrome on Android only. On supporting systems, a notification such as the one below will be shown even tough the browser was closed.

If you wonder what this is all about, have a look at our intro to coffeepush, the web push implementation and the additional info about service workers and web install banners that we blogged about. This prototype is all about progressive web apps, PWAs, that you might have heard of!

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