External IoT and Microservice Workshop

Two weeks ago SAP Hybris organized an external IoT and Microservice Workshop where 24 participants showed up even outside was really nice Biergarden weather. The idea of the workshop was to have three rounds and to start with small IoT examples, integrate them into Node-RED and then combine everything with YaaS Microservices.

But in the very first beginning Andreas gave an overview about Hybris:

First round – IoT Hello World

The “Hello World” in IoT is a blinking LED. The first exercise was to connect an Arduino with some wires and a green LED. After uploading the blinking example from the Arduino IDE every green LED in the room blinked. Next exercise was to connect a second red LED and two buttons. With some help the first break was deserved. Special thanks to Mareike, Denise and Kim for their help during this event.

Second round – Node-RED

After the break we could directly start to use Node-RED. Nearly all participants came prepared and had already installed all necessary software before the workshop. We started with some Node-RED examples. In this case I like the “Hello World” use case where an Inject node sends a text (e.q. my name) to a Function node, which adds “Hello” in front of the text, and a Debug node displays the result (e.g. “Hello Lars”). That’s the great thing about Node-RED, you just need to drag & drop a node, configure and deploy it. With the same easiness we’ve connected the Arduino and could turn on the LED or react on a button with Node-RED. Then the second break was planed and we’ve got some pizza but the attendees wanted to go further.

Third and final round – YaaS

In the final round everything was thrown together. The use case was to add products with a button to the shopping cart and to display the order status with LEDs. Green symbolized a new or confirmed order and red a canceled order. Therefore we added some products with a button click to the shopping cart and did the checkout in the web shop. With Node-RED on the other side we’ve read the order status and looked at the data structure of the order of the YaaS response. For this example we’ve also connected PubSub with MQTT and at the end you could see in the whole room red and green LEDs turning on and off.

The End

Around 9 o’clock we’ve finished the event and Mareike had for everyone goody bags with a nice Hybris logo. An hour later the last participant left and the feedback we’ve received during the event was: “very engaging”, “was fun”, ”was great”, “I learned a lot”.

Yes, it was fun and great event – thank you.

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3 thoughts on “External IoT and Microservice Workshop

  1. Minh Tri says:

    Thank you for your and your team’s effort. It was a nice & short workshop, however it had more impact on gaining knowledges of IoT than any boring MOOC course.
    If you are going to organise a hackathon including a halfday codejam accordingly again? IoT Munich Meetup Gourp can help you to promote it as well.

    • Lars Gregori says:

      Thank you for your feedback. I’ve got one/two requests but there’s no plan at the moment and holiday time starts…

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