yalexa – final touches for our YaaS & Alexa integration

The Amazon Alexa integration / PoC I’ve been working on has now undergone some UI makeover and I’ve also submitted a small technical architecture document to our beautification agents. The result is this:

Looks pretty nice – thx to our UX team and especially Uliana and Jose!

WTF do I need a UI for a Voice UI?
You’re of course right, there is no normal UI required for this integration to work. You interact with the Alexa Voice Service and our Alexa Skill Set directly and uniquely via voice. The UI was created for showcasing / demo purposes. It follows along as you submit voice actions to Alexa. This can also quickly be seen in a recent Tweet which includes a small screencast.

On the technical side, I’ve added a few almost invisible improvements. For example, I am now using the Alexa Skill Builder and the Dialog system to ask for parameters that have not (yet) been understood. So if say “Alexa, ask hyrbris to add GNARF to my shopping cart”, Alexa will now reply and ask “What would you like to add?”. This repeats until you give up or Alexa finally understood the slot item.

So what’s next?
I am putting the lid on this small Alexa adventure, but we’ve already received some interest from developers and partners to discuss our integration. From a showcasing perspective, we will likely first showcase this in our #hybrislabs showroom in Munich. We have a little bar and a fridge in there, which fits nicely to our story.

Let us know what you think in the comments or contact me directly on Twitter.


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