Perspire to Inspire

“Does the air conditioning really need to be this cold?”, “This artificial light is starting to give me a headache.”, “I need to get some fresh air!” – these are common statements you hear or utter at most conferences or trade shows. Everyone who has ever spent a full working day in a demo booth can relate to this. In contrast to that you’ll only seldom come across booth staff trying to avoid getting a sunburn and wondering if business casual attire could involve sunglasses…and t-shirts…and shorts…and if shoes are really absolutely obligatory. But when this is the view from your booth…

…and you find this in the lavatory…

…you begin to realise that this probably isn’t going to be your standard event. And indeed, it was sweaty. (We’re sparing you the photographic evidence!)

Now, we certainly don’t want to complain about the bright and sunny, semi-outdoor venue that was chosen to host the EHI Omnichanneldays in Cologne. It’s a very cool location (pun intended) and with SAP Hybris being the main sponsor of the event, we were given the prime position to present Charly the Chatbot. But boy was it hot!

Fortunately, some visitors were brave enough to withstand the heat to learn more about Charly. This was only the third time we demoed Charly but the feedback so far suggests there is a big interest in seeing chatbots in action.


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