Charly – our very first ‘out of the box’ demo

The SAP Hybris Customer Experience Summit is an exclusive event, held in Orlando as a part of SAPPHIRE NOW, for top executives and leaders in Marketing, Sales, and Commerce. Of course Hybris Labs was very happy to be asked to contribute two prototypes to the event. There was just one minor hiccup. A very tight schedule only allowed us to setup between 8pm-6am the night before. Slightly awkward perhaps but luckily our new prototype, Charly, is an ‘out of the box’ software demo…

A very large box… Okay, we do like our pompous setups and this might be the price you pay if you want to show more than just a screen. But take a look at this for sustainability…

We’ve been using the same walls for our setups in the US for more than three years now. So what once was Funky Retail

…hey presto, becomes Charly. And what now is Infinite Cart…once was…something else…not Infinite Cart though…probably…

We always hope the guests appreciate the effort but far more important is of course their interest in our prototypes. Show is worth nothing without substance. Judging by all those ears closely following Anja’s words, Charly is on a very good way.


One thought on “Charly – our very first ‘out of the box’ demo

  1. Marcel Brun says:

    I’d like to get more information about the Charly Chatbot Showcase. We’d like to use it at a CRM Forum in August where SAP Hybris is one of the main sponsors. (in Switzerland). thanks, Marcel

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