Charly’s first day out

It was a big day for our brand new Hybris Labs prototype Charly. The SAP Forum in Linz, Austria was the first time he got to see the tough life outside the lab. It was Charly’s first event. Luckily his daddy, Giancarlo, and his aunty Anja came along to make sure he’d be fine. But there was nothing to be worried about. He’s a little star. Not only did Charly astound visitors coming to his booth.

He also got some stage time with people pushing in to see him.

Everyone wanted to learn more about conversational commerce, although many people at first felt a little weird chatting to a bot via a messenger app. But once they got to know Charly better, they loved him! They saw the benefits he could add to customer engagement through quick and straight forward communication between customers and shops. Especially the guided step by step process proved to be very helpful and abolished even the remaining concerns about deep learning, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Visitors were noticeably impressed by the simplicity of the usability Charly offers. And we now also have confirmation that even though they don’t offer any added functionalities, emojis are likely to put smiles on faces.

We think that chatbots like Charly are heading towards a bright future. The feedback Charly received from SAP customers who had already been looking into this area to enhance their customer engagement was very positive. They were amazed by Charly’s capabilities and how far he has already evolved. Especially how he appears to seamlessly connect the front end website to Yaas (Hybris as a Service) in the back end.

Charly is still very young and we’re looking forward to seeing him grow up.

The messenger code that connects you to Charly


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5 thoughts on “Charly’s first day out

  1. Vijayalakshmi says:

    Awesome blog! Can I get a prototype and design of how exactly this chatbot works?
    Have you used hybris marketing here? Does the system look for keywords based on which it responds?

  2. Sven says:

    I had the pleasure to meet “Charlie” in Linz the first time. Impressive chat bot and great example how we’re tranforming customer experience to a next level going forward. Thanks Giancarlo, Anja and the entire Labs team!

  3. This is a big step forward for SAP. When I read the studies about the Gartner Trends for Innovation, I was wondering what could help the customer journey, considering the revolution we have with digital transformation. I see this sort of Assistant making the difference, I’m keen to see the evolution.

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