Hybris Labs contributes to SAP Next-Gen in NYC

The SAP Next-Gen program is an innovation platform for the SAP ecosystem enabling companies, partners and universities to connect and innovate with purpose linked to the UN Global Goals. In partnership with the Hasso Plattner Institute SAP Next-Gen recently opened  its doors on the 48th floor of SAP’s new offices at Hudson Yards in New York City. Hybris Labs had the honour to contribute five prototypes to their innovation hub.

We decided that this occasion would perfectly suit the premier of our brand new Hybris Labs prototypes. To back up our proven and tested demos Bullseye and Infinite Cart, we revealed the latest from the lab: Pepper Instore Assistance, Expose, and Signal.

It’s fair to say that this was an ambitious project for our small team and it required a lot of help from colleagues and partners on both sides of the Atlantic to fit all the pieces together. THANK YOU!! We’re extremely happy with the result and so far only received positive feedback.

There are of course many stories to tell… stories of anticipation, ambition, ambiguity, stories of frustration, and stories of joy. We decided to share the last chapter with you – the story of setting up. A photo story…


The 48th floor… very impressive and quite high up. (But not the highest Labs “showroom” ever. We’ve also got some exhibits in the Mexico City office.)

Labs is in da house! And now it’s time to get our hands dirty…

…and then get some work done.

Somebody had given Max a cordless screwdriver but with either cruel or wise intent didn’t give him the battery for it.

Eventually, Max started working on the Party Booth (part of the Expose demo) while Sven tried to raise the structure for Signal…

Hadn’t he very recently broken his arm, he probably would’ve managed. Luckily, Max came to help…

…and also one or two other helping hands.

In fact, we needed all the hands available.

Et voilĂ !

Happy boy.

And lots of happy people in VR. So, happy Max carried on with the Expose setup…

… whilst working on a healthy tan powered by RFID.

Thank you Impinj for sponsoring us here! Just look at Max indulging in RFID!

This is a not quite finished party booth.

This is a finished party booth. (No, it has nothing to do with Doctor Who.)

This is happy Sven and happy Max in front of a working party booth. Time to celebrate by engaging in the favourite Hybris Labs part time activity:

RE-LABELING! Oh, the joy… it’s hard to find the right words. Talking about labels…

…never forget the branding! In the meantime the second setup team, consisting of Andreas and Georg, had arrived and the moment had come to spice things up…

…with Pepper! (Sorry for that one but it’s too hard to resist). Andreas and Georg also helped out with some general show space signage…

…but unfortunately the ‘S’ wouldn’t stand by itself.

There you go! No, not really, ey? More tape perhaps? (Also, where does the ‘N’ suddenly come from??)

Heroes!! True…makers. Right, let’s get down to business!

That’s it, take it straight to the big boss! (For those of you outside of SAP: This is Georg demoing Pepper to our CEO, Bill McDermott). Nice one! Want a close up? Okay.

At the end: Everybody’s happy.

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