Inside Infinite Cart

How do you physically create a digital wish list? Take a look inside Infinite Cart.


Watch the full video here!

2 thoughts on “Inside Infinite Cart

  1. Jorge Laranjo says:

    The idea is good but cannot be ‘anonymous’ when you force the user to scan the QR code using a webcam on the website.
    A better alternative would be to have the QR code (for use mostly on mobile, as is easier than typing) and alongside it, a alpha-numeric code that the user could type in.

    Does not allow for total anonymity but at least allows for the user to choose if to type or to scan the code.

    • christianneeb says:

      Dear Jorge, thanks for your feedback. It is a good point that using a webcam to scan the QR code does not make it strictly anonymous. We will consider to use a different technique to hand over the omni-channel session in the future. C

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