Preparations are moving forward without a hitch…

… or so I’d like to say.

(This is an article by Indrajeet Biswas. Indrajeet is supporting the Labs team for two weeks as an intern.)

We spent the morning setting up the show area for Infinite Cart, and it turns out simply connecting everything was more of a hassle than we had bargained for. It turns out the hole we wanted to put our webcam’s USB cable through was too small.

IMG_5812 1

So we went with the obvious and sensible solution and let Georg drill a hole in the wall…Well widen the pre-existing hole, but either way he was clearly enjoying himself.

We kept going checking everything from the printer to the actual website was working before taking a break for lunch (needless to say not everything was working but those are problems we couldn’t fix on an empty stomach anyways.)

The afternoon wasn’t much different, although this time we’d brought the whole crew with us.

IMG_5835 1

Although we’d faced some rigorous challenges (I mean look at their intense concentration, they won’t even face the camera!) we had managed to make some solid progress.

Despite all the work that still has to be done we’re all still very excited to show you what we’ve been working on, so I hope you’re looking forward to when we can show you.

(Looks as if Indrajeet picked up pretty well on the life in Labs. There’s more to come from him, so keep following our blog carefully for the next few days!)

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