Step into our bathroom and enjoy… Infinite Cart

We didn’t have the chance to show Infinite Cart, one of our latest prototypes, that often yet, so we were very happy to be given this opportunity at Internet World in Munich. Especially since the event was right on our doorstep.

There are two things we like especially about Infinite Cart…apart from the fact that it’s a really cool prototype… We’ve worked together with our SAP Hybris Profile team to generate a more compelling showcase, including aspects that focus on B2B industries.

And secondly, having our SAP Hybris customer ‘hansgrohe’ on board made it possible for us to add some life and spice to the scenario. Demos always work better when you’ve got some actual products. Not to forget the fact that it looks nice and attracts people to come by our booth. This calls for a new video, doesn’t it? Well, stay tuned…