Welcome to the candy shop

The hybris labs team’s new year’s resolution is to reduce its alcohol misuse…in prototypes. We are now hooked on sweets.

IMG_3623 1

We also thought about quitting on LEDs but simply weren’t strong enough to face a world without flashing labs prototypes. And with the Wine Shelf no longer in our tour repertoire, we need something new to make people happy at events. Although you may see some similarities, this prototype will neither be called Smart, nor Funky Platforms.

‘Bullseye’, that’s the name of our new prototype which will be a centerpiece of the SAP Hybris Summit 2016. It’s true, we’re once again working on in-store enhancements, and there are indeed a few similarities to previous prototypes, but this time everything is built in YaaS. If you’d like to learn more about the technology, please read this article: Bullseye – in-store targeting and analytics – an update.

SNK (SCHOENE NEUE KINDER) is once again helping us with some lovely designs to bring this prototype to life:


That’s all the info we’re giving out at this point. You’ll just have to visit us at the Summit…

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 13.53.56

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