Funky Retail Trial at the LMU Campus Store – it works

We’ve been trying to validate the effectiveness of our prototypes around the connected retail store for quite some time. We knew of course, that many of our prototypes attract the attention of the customer, because we’ve seen people reacting positively at so many conferences. But getting hard evidence, real numbers, is hard.

Therefore, we’re super happy to report that finally, with the help of the University of Munich, we’re getting a step closer. For one week, we installed 4 of the 5 Funky Retail boxes at the campus store of the University of Munich. Chinmay, from the university, set up a plan to help us collect the right data. We placed two different products (2 each) on the 4 boxes. One box lit up whenever a customer came close, while the other box with exactly the same product on top did not. So far we’ve analyzed the presence events and the lift-ups of products. During the next weeks, we’ll also be getting the sales data for the products.

IMG_20151026_112209These are the results so far:

  • During that one week (5 working days) we collected around 3000 data points, that’s individual presence and lift events.
  • The boxes that lit up when a customer came close, resulted in roughly twice as many lift events. That means, customers were attracted by the light effect and some of them lifted the product to take a closer look.
  • When a shopping assistant was close, customers were less likely to interact with the boxes. That’s a really interesting finding. Shopping assistants seem to disturb the natural curiosity of the customers.

The above results finally give us some early proof that experimenting with light in the retail space is not just fun and cool, but also has a real effect on customer interactions and – potentially – sales.

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