hybris Americas Customer Days, part 1 – Bringing back the Funk

There was so much going at this year’s hybris Americas Customer Days 2015, we’ll make trilogy out of the story. In part 1, ‘Bringing back the Funk’, we’ll talk about the setting up of our demos. Not a piece of cake this time…

Upon arrival in Fort Worth, Texas everything looked fine. Our booth was being set up according to our wishes. “This goes there please”, “power here please”, “a hole in that wall please”, “Ethernet here, here and here please”, “WiFi please”, “more WiFi please”, “more faster WiFi please”,… the usual stuff. Totally new to us was the needlessness of wine bottle re-labelling. Very confusing, because that usually was the first action item after checking into an hotel in the US. The schedule looked comfortable, since we had arrived on the Sunday afternoon with the event not starting until Monday evening.

Monday morning: firing up and testing the demos. Moto, The Changing Room and Funky Retail were the prototypes on the list. It was the latter that caused us serious headaches this time. The photos tell the story…

IMG_3102 1

IMG_3100 1   IMG_3106 1 IMG_5854 1 IMG_5858 1IMG_3103 1

Yes, we had to re-solder everything from top to bottom. Just to find out that the short circuit that had caused the damage, had also fried the Arduino. Unlike pressure and proximity sensors, this isn’t a spare part we carry around with us. Ironic isn’t it? We’re always talking about simplifying e-commerce, but in this case the only option we had was to get into taxi and drive an hour to the next suitable shop. Unfortunately we only found an inferior replacement. At the end, Georg and Lars managed to get three of the five Funky Boxes up and running. Average time to set up Funky Retail: 30 min; set up time in Fort Worth: 27 h…

Oh, we also showed The Changing Room and Moto. They worked though. Eventually… To be absolutely honest, there was a period of time during which none of the labs prototypes was working. Let’s call this ‘exciting’…

IMG_3109 1

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  1. Minh Tri says:

    hope you had a great time and success in hybris Americas Customer Days 2015.
    You looks good in the last picture. Dr. Kopp.

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