Cutting Edge Technology – we bleed for innovation

It is well known fact that members of the hybris labs team often suffer quite severe injuries when using soldering irons and hot-glue guns. But Anja took this one step further during the setup of the Smart Wine Shelf at the dmexco 2015 in Cologne. She bled for labs.

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But please relax, Anja’s finger was saved! Too dramatic? Well okay, a bottle broke in the transport and she cut herself on the broken glass. From that point on everything went fine. Although Anja did prefer to mainly use her left hand to present the demo.

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 14.19.44IMG_1771 1

Let’s talk about business though now. With 43,384 visitors this definitely counts to one of the big events. And the feedback Anja and Christian gathered was once again very positive. Say what you want, but the Smart Wine Shelf still rocks! Especially when it’s integrated into such an appealing environment. Thank you to our SAP colleagues for providing such a brilliant space! The topic of the entire booth was based on wine. Nice! Simply a good theme for Customer Engagement & Commerce.

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