Augmented Commerce

…Video: Demo in a Minute

hybris labs can do B2B! Okay, you might not identify it as such in the first moment, because it looks as if we’re just playing with lego. But far from it! If you honestly believe we use our valuable working hours to build lego aeroplanes… you’re not absolutely wrong… But we had a very good (commerce related!!) reason to do so, as you will understand shortly. The problem about demoing B2B is that it’s often a bit too big (get it? sorry…). By using lego we can demonstrate the prototype in a closed environment which we’ve created ourselves. We call this a space-efficient demonstration.


Augmented Commerce is an enhancement of our previous augmented reality prototype. The basic idea of recognising objects with your phone or tablet and then directly ordering new parts has stayed the same (we’re also using the same software), but we’ve added some new elements. You can now scan a more complex object, like a (lego) aeroplane, and the application will list all the parts within this object, so the item that needs to be replaced can easily be identified and then chosen. All product information displayed within the app is pulled from the hybris server, just as the ordering process is integrated with the hybris platform. And since we’ve created our own lego Universe, we can really deliver the required part instead of just pretending what would happen next. After the order has been approved by the manager (more B2B stuff), the specific lego piece is immediately delivered in the coolest way you can ever imagine. When you see it you’ll start jumping up and down, clapping your hands like a child in total excitement! Or maybe that’s just us… There’ll be a demo video soon, but you need to experience it live. So pop in at NY82!


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