Tiles in the Labs Space, fresh UI

Just before the holidays, we had a prominent visitor to the labs space: Bernd Leukert. For this, we decided to put the current Tiles prototype into the labs space. We’ll switch the bottles (products) that we use most likely, but I wanted to share this quickly with you.

IMG_20141217_131229 IMG_20141217_131223


Our friends at SNK also did a great job on the web ui. It is fully responsive, so it looks great to add a tile with your smartphone but you can also get a great overview about all your tiles on a desktop browser.

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 10.17.15 AM


For the hybris summit ’15, mid-February, we’re now working on our own product designs. We’re currently envisioning to create our own can designs and buy 7 sets of refreshing, caffeinated, drinks with a different design (barcode) each.  I’ll post some graphics once we have them.

!!!Also check out our Tiles video!!!