Funky Retail. Analytics & Actions for the physical retail space.

We recently finished our first IoT prototype, the smart wine shelf. It was a big success and it enabled us to have many many insightful discussions with people in the IoT industry and our customers. After a bit of thinking, we realized that it makes a lot of sense to add a few more prototypes in this area. For the next one, we’ll be focusing on the sensing part, e.g. how can we detect customer’s interest in products for example. In the end, the idea is to research how we can gather analytics events in a similar fashion as on a website. On a website, using tools like Google Analytics and others, we know exactly when our customers visit us, what product they look at, what products they take a closer look – and finally when they leave the store again. In between they might have bought a product or not – and if they are soon to leave, we can think about providing incentives to buy: promotions for example.

On a website, the profile you build up yields to real-time changes to the pages you visit. Why is this not happening in the physical world? For example, why does the music in a store not change based on the demographic profile of the people visiting? Why do video ad solutions not adopt to the people in the store? You can add other senses like smells or lighting to this.

Why do we not have the same for the physical retail space? We’ll, we believe with the help of sensors and iBeacons for fine-grained location, we can do exactly that. We’ll take a look at this in our next prototype, called Funky Retail. More details soon, but let’s start discussing this now – as always on Google+.