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May 15

Charly and C4C for customer service

Charly makes shopping simpler by helping consumers on searching products, providing informations, and eventually on finalizing the checkout. Now, it assists customers after the purchase by accepting complains and creating customer tickets on their behalf. The provision of service to customer before, during and after the purchase is a fundamental... read more →
May 14
May 08

Video: Chatbot Charly

We're finally moving the SAP Hybris Labs prototype Chatbot Charly towards product integration through incubation program. Would Charly be a good asset to your business? Let us know what you think!
Apr 30

Back from Minds Mastering Machines

The Minds Mastering Machines (m3) Conference, a conference on Machine Learning, took place in Cologne last week and the topics covered from basics of Machine Learning to different Machine Learning optimizers and how they work and behave, but some fun parts, practical reports and ethics as topic was also covered.... read more →
Apr 23

Bringing Calliope and STEAM to schools

Last week Uli, Johannes, Andreas and I went to the Otto-von-Taube-Gymnasium in Gauting (near Munich) where 40 teachers from different Bavarian schools had a full-day conference. In the morning Minecraft and afternoons our turn was to talk about the Calliope. This was not just to explain what the Calliope is,... read more →