Have you heard of Steam Kids? It’s an SAP Hybris educational initiative. In a nutshell, we’ve taken our knowledge around coding & hardware and worked on a day-long workshop program for kids. The tool we decided to use is the Calliope Mini, a microcontroller board similar to Arduino that focuses on teaching kids how to code.

Below is a quick video [de] that introduces our Steam Kids initiative. It was taken in November last year during our first workshop. We’re now just a few days ahead of the second workshop and roughly plan one per quarter. Have a look and get in touch if you’re in the Munich area and know of teachers/schools that would benefit.


Demo in a Minute: Signal

Viewing virtual reality on a screen is like reading the script of an action film. Sure, you get the idea of the plot but you miss out on all the cool parts that define this genre. VR only works with a good VR headset. That’s why we unfortunately can’t show you an actual demo here. Especially, because we added Leap Motion to Signal, which allows you to use your own hands within the VR world. But we want try and give you an idea what it’s all about. Take a look…