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Apr 10

Cherry – A Calliope Game

On Thursday we have a workshop with teachers about Calliope, the small mini computer. They want to know what they can do with such a thing and teach their students. We will talk about the sensors, buttons, LEDs, but also how to program the Calliope. For this I programmed a... read more →
Apr 05

Building Your Own Check-Out

For a demo I started to build a check-out. We have some barcode scanners here at our lab space. I also found a multi-segment LED display at Adafruit that displays numbers and characters and can be controlled by an Arduino. For this I send the text which will be displayed... read more →
Apr 04
Apr 03

The enera Project

Changing the general energy policy, i.e. moving away from 'traditional' energy sources towards renewables, continues to be an important topic within German politics and society. The joint research project enera unites businesses and research facilities with the goal to receive government funding to address various topics that could be vital... read more →
Mar 27

Smart Washing Machine – Voice

You remember my Smart Washing machine? It was a pre-prototype for a prototype. It was just right for a demo at the IoT Conference, but not as a prototype for a pre-sales demo. The problem is the Raspberry Pi 2, which only communicates with Ethernet. A Raspberry Pi 3 communicates... read more →